About us

In 1996 the Italian association of fibrous composites for the construction industry was born, briefly named AICO. At that time AICO was the first Italian association to encourage scientific and industrial research for the development of composite materials in the building and construction industry.
Since the first years of life, the link with the Accademia world was very strong: the first technical headquarters of AICO was at the Department of Engineering of the Water Transport Structures of the Survey and Territory (DISTART) at the University of Bologna (today DICAM department).
We aim at collaborating with academic and professional figures to push the dissemination and cultural advancement for students and professionals. This aspect is deeply inherent in our association so that the first Italian definition of composite material is included in the statute: "a fibrous composite material is defined as a material consisting of continuous fibers with high mechanical resistance immersed in an organic or inorganic matrix".
AICO operates in the following specific sectors:
The areas of research and dissemination are in any case constantly evolving and follow (or sometimes anticipate) the trends of the scientific community.

The association also promotes dialogue between researchers from the scientific community by periodically organizing the MuRiCo conference: Reinforced Masonry with Composites